What if a simple Ketone Ester could be the remedy for concussed athletes?
Oxford University has an approved research project to test giving ketones to boxers. The goal is to compare the results to studies done on rats that show a significant reduction in injury. But it costs money, and we need to raise the funds to make it happen.

Scientific Papers
General Overview of Ketones
Multiple potential uses for Ketones including Alzheimers, ALS, Diabetes and Parkinsons.
Ketone Bodies, Potential Therapeutic Uses    - Dr. Richard Veech NIH, 2001
Less Scientific Blog Articles on Ketones for Concussions
Why Ketones or a Ketogenic Diet for a Concussion    - Craig Rubenstein M.D. 2015

#Nutrition for #concussion- Preliminary Research Results Rebecca Lane 2011 (note that Dr. Veech only agrees with her first bulletpoint on Ketones)
10 Minute interview with Dr. Richard Veech discussing how a ketone ester can solve the concussion problem in the NFL and Pro football.